This chapter conceptualizes walking methodologies as transmaterial. Feminist environmental humanities scholar Stacy Alaimo contends that embodiment does little to account for "networks of risk, harm, culpability and responsibility" within which humans find themselves entangled. Walking to the Laundromat is a 106-minute audio track that participants listen to while doing their laundry at a public laundromat, interspersed with walks around the neighbourhood in between cycles. The audio track parodies the form of a 'self-help' audio book. Produced as a binaural sound file, the participant is greeted by a voice that instructs them when to walk and how and when to do their washing. Trans is a prefix that denotes across, through, or beyond. Transversing from embodiment to trans theories of walking requires us to move beyond questions that position particular kinds of human experience at the centre. Labour is addressed in the sonic walk through the intersections of reproductive labour, capitalism, and affective labour.