It is hard to deny that Albert was very liberal in his use of parchment. His ostentatious display of erudition really goes beyond what was customary at the time. The paraphrasing parts of Albert's commentaries are often free adaptations of the text-exegetic passages in Kilwardby and the unidentified Robert, but other sources, no doubt including annotated manuscripts of the Organon, were also used. Albert's treatment of his source in Elenchi is instructive. Similarly in the Elenchi, he offers two justifications for Aristotle's classification of fallacies that do not depend on an exploitation of features of language. A strong inclination towards a Neo-Platonizing ontology, which he barely manages to keep apart from logic, is perhaps the most personal trait of Albert's companion to the Organon. Albert may have helped accustom logicians to the idea of an 'interior' or 'mental discourse', so important in late ancient scholasticism and again in the fourteenth century.