The last important English scholars left Paris in the 1320s, and they were not replaced. As a result one finds only a couple of Auriol’s fellow Franciscans, active at London in the early 1320s, discussing a small segment of Auriol’s theory. If Oxford had such a radical in Chatton, why should scholars have looked directly at Auriol? Most did not, but Auriol’s indirect influence via Chatton may have stimulated the Oxford discussion of a multi-valent logic that developed in the later 1320s and 1330s. Even in 3000 lines of text, it is difficult to find evidence of Auriol’s or even Aristotle’s position. What is certain, however, is that the problem at Oxford had definitely shifted to discussions of revelation. Of all those at whom Genest and the author have looked, Fitzralph is the first to devote entire questions to revelation.