The 1330s were a great decade for Oxford, but Parisians appear to have had other things to worry about than the normal theological lectures. The influx from Oxford helped remove Auriol from the center of Parisian theology. Zenon Kaluza has recently redated the lectures on the Sentences of the Franciscan Peter of Aquila and of the Augustinian Hermit Thomas of Strasbourg (de Argentina), assigning the latter’s lectures to 1334–35 at the latest. Aquila’s treatment of Auriol was buried for centuries, while Rimini’s discussion may have helped bury Auriol’s. Rimini continued to play an important role at Paris, and later followed Thomas of Strasbourg as the Augustinians’ prior general after the former’s death in 1357, but he himself died in 1358. The Augustinian Alphonsus Vargas of Toledo lectured on the Sentences at Paris in 1344–45, became master in 1347, and died while serving as archbishop of Seville in 1366.