The text exists in a single hand-written copy in the Lord Chamberlain’s Collection of Plays in the British Library (Add. MS 53222.B) (see Figure 14). It is written on one side only of heavy, faintly-ruled cream paper of foolscap size, in a small, clear hand throughout except for the fi rst three pages of Act III, which are in a larger, elegant copperplate script. These pages do not appear to have been inserted, since the small hand continues on the same sheet. The paper is in double folded sheets which have been stitched together but are now loose. Right-hand pages are numbered, originally beginning with the fi rst inside page, but the title page has later been numbered ‘1’ and all subsequent numbers changed, running from 1 to 62. The last two pages are badly crumbled at the right-hand edge but no essential meaning has been lost.