MYGod!Iwinnotdoegoodonearthto!hinewith thee.ing1ory:ButbecaufeIwilllhinew:iththct i~glory,Iwilldoegoodone;tnb•..

VponPetersderiyall~ SAintPmr!Howwellhaditbeen,hadftthoufpok~

andkeptthyword;forwhytbouldftthoubeoffen. dedatthygoodMafter;hetellingtheethathimfelfe fbouldbefmitten,youlhoaldbutbefcattered:Had hetoldyouthat'youfuouldbefmitten,andhefepara: tedfromyou,iheremigbthavebeenfomercafon•·yoa mighthavebeenoffended;butwhenhimfelfewasto befmitten,andfory.ourfakestoo,tofecoreyoufrom erernalldeftruB:ion;Methinkstheoffencewastakenon thecontraryfide.Butifinthyfamily,iJ:\vasfotaken, thouftriB:PrinceofperfeB:ion,nowonderifithefoin familieso(looferlibertie,andfullofimperfeltion..l doenotwondertohtartheefay,Thouwi"!tnotbeof~ (ended,botIwonderthatthouwerenotover·joyed tohearhimtellingthee,thatforallhefuonldfofuffer, J:et.hewould.afterheWJSriftn,goebeforeyouinto

Galilee. Methinks, I tbould hear you tilling ~be worli with fongs of thanks· giving, for joy of that Kingdomq: lie hath promifed you, from his Fath~r, and for the atru~ ranee he gave you of his refurrea~on; rathe{ then heat: thee denying fuch a power full and loving Mafter, with Oathes. My Lord! Let me, with him~ nqt be atbamed ro profeffe thee ; but keep me from the thame of ·deJlying thee, or if thOII maift gain glory by my fall , give me with him, abundance of teares, and a heart and. tongue to confcife my fault to thee, and to the world, that thou and they may fee with .him, my repentance.