MYGod!Ismy~dytbeTc.;npleoftheHolyGtic»H whatPalacecantherebeinthisfmallFabrick,fk

fear, there let humility attend on thee too, or 1 lha11 fear thou wilt goe from nie; for thou refiftelt tlJt proud : but though thou beef\: high, and inftabirell c· ternity, yet thou, 0 great Pt ince will dwell with the l10mble. Then in my head, and in all that belong to It dOC:.dJol;l Iinde: humbleobedi~r.(e, that there l mig!n reraine thee. Let not mine eyes have any proud look nor be windows to lettin vanity, lilut let them be ever looking to the hils fi"om whence cometh my falvatio~. Let nor my tongue which thou haft given me to fcrvc thee, be imployed to back-bite or defame any tht !taft of thy childrc:n,or any one;for how know 1 who2re thine, or who nor , but let my tongue be ever fpcakiug to thy praife and glory ; and let the words of. moutb b~ 11:c prable in thy fight ; 11or let mine ears lifien to any idle or unfeemly difcourfe, that may difplc:afe rhJ divineJMajdly, aud let my noftrils be ever filled witll the fweet favour that comes from thy heavenly g~r· mems : So ifall the faculties of my body be imployed by my Soul, humbly to ferve thee, I ihall live and c:xprdfe a glorying heart, becaufe I know this body is th Temple ofthe Deity.