Like to the Angels thft a_re here• I did forget ; we ~lltb li&ht, Be like his glorious b'ody bright, But hark ! Methinks I hear one fay, . Thou moft from Heaven to Earth away : You muft your children goe and teach, How they rhis tileff~d place may reach~ Twill be a pleafant fight to fee . · Their faces like thofe Angels bee, The which ere while, wi! did behold, .. In Robes more bright then is the gold ; The which on earth we thjnk fo fine, . When we in thofe bafe mettals Chine, Bucyet before you goe away, Here me a little what I fay:

1£ crotfe you find_ things goe below,. On earth a whlie tt muft t>e fo, Let it not trouble your blcft mind, In Heaven you lhall no croJfnefs find•

if any aske you how i fare, . , , . Then tell them fure I' me free from cijrj:: ~ For I'nie iri heaven, you left me there; ·

. . ~ . . WHY from celefiiall blifs, did you

Draw me ? thefe meaner things to vieW; . Through tliofe faire gates o{ pearl, get .I

And that moft pleafant wall paft by, Up chat pure river 1\:ra\t 1 wenr, That from the throne takes his afcen~ Then ro the glorious throne 1 got, Where 1 did fee, 0 God, what not : For whatfoever doth exceU, In thee, doth in perfeltion.dwell. • That glorious Luftre and bright ray Made me forget.my mortallday. Me thought that fin: Orientalllighr, M3de me like ic appear as bright. From thefe fweet j~yes ~by draw you me .My felf in meaner 'Robes to fee ? For fince 1 us'd to heaven to go, All things on earth do fordid !how.