The eloge of James Watt jr that was delivered to the Academie des Sciences by Francois Arago on 8 December 1834 and published nearly five years later is a fascinating document. It played a key role in the water controversy, setting out in very stark and challenging terms the case for Watt's priority and accusing Cavendish and his friends of underhand dealings. The first manifestation of the eloge was the document prepared by Arago for delivery at the meeting of the Academie des Sciences in December 1834. Arago was in many respects an heir to the industrializing ideology of J. A. Chaptal, who sought to advance the French economy by bringing science, engineering, entrepreneurship and a well-educated workforce together. Watt jr was present at the Academie for the delivery of the eloge and he was to write crucial material appended to the published version as well as give advice on the larger text.