Understanding cognition will be of considerable importance for the design of the future working environment. It is to be expected that the current development into distributed workplaces, highly computerized systems as well as highly connected and interdependent exchange of information, will increase further. In particular, the operational phases and operational levels will be spread throughout the global economic system. Liability and responsibility will change due to this development while the system is getting more sluggish and economically driven. The competence and understanding of people working for the safety of a system will not have the same cultural background any more. The nuclear accident in Paks was mentioned as an example where the regulator and manufacturer from abroad played an important role in accident development. The regulator was operating under reduced personnel resources. He was also unaware about the constraints of the manufacturer. The constraints of both regulator and manufacturer were not taken into account by the plant staff or by safety assessments because they appeared to be too remote from the real operational threats.