Unlike Darwin's Origin of Species, Essays and Reviews did not obtain instant notoriety. Whether due to the reviews or to the publisher's advertising, the first edition of Essays and Reviews was exhausted in June and a second edition, also of 1000 copies, was published. Notices of Essays and Reviews appeared in the Anglican evangelical newspaper, the Record, in May. In July the High Church Christian Remembrancer had a chance to become the first quarterly to deal with Essays and Reviews', its article was 'already in type' when an accident at the last moment postponed' its appearance until October. Essays and Reviews, 'if unchallenged, will produce more evil than anything which has issued from the press for a long period their direct and necessary tendency is to subvert all faith'. The Christian Observer published a letter headed 'Religion Without a Creed', complaining that the Essayists denied the ancient creeds without putting anything in their place.