The latter part of 1861 and the first half of 1862 saw the appearance of large-scale multi-author books or series of tracts, weightier responses to Essays and Reviews than most of the pamphlet literature. Wilberforce's preface, written before he had read any of the articles, asserted that the objections of Essays and Reviews were not new and required only a restatement of old arguments for the faith, and characterized them as 'pantheism' which was 'but a tricked-out Atheism. The dissolution of Revelation is the denial of God'. Aids to Faith differed from Replies in that it was not intended as direct responses to the several Essays but was a professedly non-controversial work designed to provide reassurance and assistance to those puzzled by the Essayists and disturbed in their faith. Faith and Peace, as the series was named, aimed high for quality and contained some solid though tendentious contributions.