As reality has been fed with imagination since 9/11, experts from the US and other countries have theorized a number of different attacks on America, or any of our allies. Some of the most devastating methods discussed have involved chemical, biological and/or radiological attacks. Typical headlines, such as 'Foreign flag ships a security concern’2 and ‘Firefighter planes may be inviting new terror attack’,3 and news articles expressing concerns about aviation security, such as over crop dusting aircraft that resulted in the grounding of all those aircraft types numerous times in the past year, serve to underscore widespread concern over these weapons of mass destruction. In January 2002, New York Times reported information, formerly classified as either secret or top secret, revealing how instructions to create biological weapons are available through the Internet.4 To make matters even worse, we have human weaknesses in our security of top-secret information relating to the America’s chemical, nuclear and biological capabilities. For instance, a former National Guard officer and his wife have been charged with illegally obtaining such documents worth millions of dollars on the black market to militias and terrorist organizations.5