The first part of the inscription describes the preparation and organisation of the games. The first part also records the purification of the holy places, including the Tarentum in which the nocturnal rituals were held. In evaluating the first part of the Severan inscription that stood on the Campus Martius, it becomes immediately evident that it differs considerably from the Augustan one, since it gives quite a detailed description on organisation of the games. In proceeding further with the inscription, a description of the purification of the areas in which the games were held is found. The Campus Martius was thus traditionally known as a place of rebirth for the Roman communitas. Moreover, if a closer look at the records of the Severan games is taken, a slight connection between the Ludi Saeculares and the old story about the Campus Martius as a field of crops: the food offerings from the people are described in the inscription, might be found.