The compartmentalisation of learning as structured within a mainstream curriculum model is of major concern, since compartmentalisation requires feats that are generally, beyond those on the severe learning difficulties (SLD) and profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) spectrums. The United Kingdom National Curriculum, and virtually all similar neuro-typical, conventionally developing models such as the Australian National Curriculum and the United States Standards-based Curriculums, or building-blocks, model of learning. Children are taught one concept, the learning of which is established with time and repetition, the understanding of which usually depends upon the firm establishment of the previous block. The abstraction of learning takes place almost as a matter of course throughout the National Curriculum; it has to, in order to house the huge amounts of information needed. The general requirement of the accepted wisdom of a broad and balanced curriculum may not be applicable for all children and young people with SLD or PMLD for all periods of time.