Since its first congress, the GMD has gradually matured both ideologically and organizationally, primarily because of the active participation of our party members. However, as a result, it has become more difficult to maintain an element of class struggle in the national revolutionary movement. In the past year or so since the failure of the strike by the workers on the Beijing-Hankou railway [February 1923], China's industrial workers, especially those on the railways and in the mines, have begun to think again about class organization and are going to restore labor unions on a much larger scale than before. Yet, for a long time, a large number of GMD members have clearly shown their affinity with the possessing classes in industry and agriculture. Also, they have avoided the struggle against imperialism and, in the future, their class interests are certainly not going to be the same as those of ordinary laboring people. Their class nature inclines them toward compromise, and it is unlikely that they will be able to struggle to the end for the complete independence of the Chinese nation.