In recent years, the progress of the peasant movement in China has demonstrated that the Chinese revolution has entered a new phase—the phase of the land revolution. The land revolution is merely a process. The evolution of this process requires a democratic regime of workers, peasants, and the petty bourgeoisie led by the proletariat and the armed forces of the workers and peasants. At present this revolution has suffered a setback in China. The causes are: (a) the leadership of the proletariat is not yet strong; in other words, the subjective organizational capacity of the proletariat is insufficient, at the moment, to lead the revolutionary alliance of workers, peasants, and the petty bourgeoisie, (b) The armed forces of the workers and peasants were not built up. (c) Our party committed the mistake of carrying out irresolute and vacillating policies, (d) The GMD CC in Wuhan, the nationalist government, and the so-called Revolutionary Army are, in their class nature, representatives of the landlord class and incapable of fulfilling the new historic mission—the land revolution. They have shifted from limiting the workers and peasants' movement to launching a full-scale counterrevolution to oppose and massacre the workers and peasants. This betrayal was a historical certainty and proves that the deepening of the revolution was to be expected. Our party's only responsibility is to fight resolutely these new counterrevolutionaries, gather together all the revolutionary forces, and open up this new revolutionary phase—the land revolution. This is the objective situation of the revolution at the present time, and it demands a new tactical response from us.