This (fifth) chapter of the book presents various aspects of the relationships between persons with SMI and providers of mental and other health care, both for persons with SMI in general as well as for special populations with SMI. These relation­ ships are crucial for PCC o f persons with SMI, perhaps even more than for PCC in general, as a large component o f the interventions o f mental health care consists of these relationships. Other chapters of this book also address such relationships, e.g. Chapter 6, Management and Finding Common Ground, which addresses interven­ tions such as medications, psychotherapy and rehabilitation, that are delivered to persons with SMI by providers whose relationships with the persons with SMI are crucial for successful and satisfactory service delivery; and Chapter 7, Prevention and Health Promotion, which addresses physical (medical) care for persons with SMI, where the relationships o f the physical care providers with the persons with SMI are also important for successful and satisfactory service delivery.