This (sixth) chapter o f the book addresses clinical procedures - assessments and interventions - in relation to people with SMI. It is related to other chapters of this book, such as Chapter 2, Magnitude o f the Problem; Chapter 3, The Person’s Experience o f the Illness; Chapter 4, Understanding the Context o f the Individual; and Chapter 5, The Person/Patient-Provider/Clinician Relationship. This is because providing care for people with SMI from a PCC perspective has to be compatible with knowledge o f the disorder, with subjective illness experiences, with relevant environmental factors, with processes o f care, and with special populations that may require some PCC modifications due to their particular challenges. Also, find­ ing common ground with service users in relation to the management o f their SMI may be more or less challenging from a PCC perspective, depending on personal and environmental factors such as cultural differences between service users and providers, which can be addressed and accommodated. This is an illustration that clinical aspects o f PCC are closely linked to other aspects of PCC.