This chapter shows that the four features namely – tails, swearing, end weight apposition (EWA) and interjections – play important roles as expressions of evaluation, affect and intensity. End weight apposition was shown to be a vehicle for particularly strong evaluation, while one of the functions of interjections was also seen to be to introduce evaluative comments as well as a variety of other emotions. Pragmatically, then, EWA co-occurs with affective comments and, in the Bolton/Worktown Corpus (BWC), it co-occurs most commonly with vituperative comments, though the numbers are too low to be statistically significant. There seems to be a stronger tendency in the British National Corpus (BNC) and Corpus of Contemporary American (COCA) than the BWC, however, for EWA to co-occur with sympathetic comments. EWA is more frequent in the BWC, and possibly more vituperative.