This chapter captures the lessons learned from the long experience of a company in contributing to a country’s sustainable development through corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, social capital development and corporate sustainability performance. These lessons are about the roles of a company in a developing country (the fi rst objective of the study), and the integration of the concepts of sustainable development, CSR, social capital and corporate sustainability in corporate practices during more than 30 years (the second objective of the study). The chapter also touches the broader implications and signifi cance of fi ndings and contributions of this study to the world’s sustainable development goals, the theory, the practices and the policies in developing countries. The theoretical model generated from the case study can be replicated by both domestic and multinational companies operating in developing countries. Indeed, sustainable development goals should be the drivers and destinations of companies that aspire to create a virtuous cycle between sustainable development, CSR, social capital and corporate sustainability. This chapter concludes with discussion of the research limitations of this study and opportunities for further research.