All Muslim groups in the modern world join in their veneration of Muhammad. Muhammad is portrayed as the truly modern man, and once that idea is fully understood, Islam may not only be seen to be compatible with the modern era but also to embody it fully. Muhammad Husayn aykal's work The Life of Muhammad, published as a book in 1935, has been extensively read, translated, and studied, both in a popular way as well as in scholarly analyses. The fact that many of the discussions concerning the status of the sunna took place in India, and continue to take place in areas distant from the Arab countries, may be significant. Ghulam Ahmad Parvez saw that hadith had been treated as a revelatory source by the religious classes of the past. Many of Sayyid Abul Ala Mawdudi's works clearly illustrate his basic view of Islam and portray him as an Islamist.