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peted with an ornate oriental rug and who poured exotic teas for his students, often padded around the halls of Sparks Building in silk slippers and occasionally lost his way, his mind otherwise occupied with Ideas. Gerald M. Phillips,1T` ILSV]LK HK]PZVY HUK VUL VM [OL ÄULZ[TPUKZ 0»]LRUV^UJOHPUZTVRLKJPNHYZPUOPZVMÄJL^P[O[OLKVVYVWLUHUK chewed small black volcanic mountains of imported espresso beans daily until his doctor told him he would have less than a month to live unless he quit both habits. So he quit. He had a couple of new articles to write and a book to complete. There was important work left to do. /LO\UNHSHYNLOHUK^YP[[LUZPNUVUOPZVMÄJLKVVYWYVJSHPTPUN!¸56 GODDAMN SMOKING!”