Comparisons of pipes from individual Jamestown structures to the population of all pipes included in this study as well as comparisons of the structure assemblages to each other have shown that 'Jamestown' is not a monolith. As for Charles's 'Tradesmen and Handycrafts men', the earliest artisans in the colony were the carpenters and coopers who provided critical support for the tobacco planters and factors. The Jamestown pipes differ in terms of superficial characteristics, such as decoration, which might easily have been imitated by many pipemakers. As the early colony's capital and only urban center, Jamestown could have been a locus of production or distribution for craft products like tobacco pipes, fulfilling the desires of the king, his policy makers, and his agents. Archaeology reveals the early Virginia colony to be a world in which most people lived in small post-set buildings, with earthen or wooden walls and floors.