Peruvian Archaeology by Henry Tantaleán, 126-135. ©2014 Left Coast Press Inc. All rights reserved.

The 1990s was dominated by the government of Alberto Fujimori, who was democratically elected as president of the Republic of Peru in 1990 and, almost from the beginning of his mandate, established a neoliberal economic model for the Peruvian state (Murakami 2007:243). His government also made a series of reforms that supported a struggle against the subversive movements plaguing the country. Both the reformulation of the national economy and the ght against subversion aected the way of doing archaeology in Peru, as Santiago Uceda (2000) argued for north coast archaeology. Moreover, it is important to remember that the violence in the 1990s occurred in dierent forms and distinct levels perpetuated by the Peruvian state (Bowen and Holligan 2003; Burt 2009; Sandoval 2002b; Uceda 2004; and Wiener 2001, among others).