This chapter discusses the nebulous state of American race relations theories from the standpoint of anomalies and paradigmatic erosion and decline. It focuses on Kuhn's thoughts about scientific paradigms and anomalies, and explores some sociology of knowledge observations about the nebulous state of American race relations theories. American sociologists and other social scientists have a long history of interpreting the works of European theorists in the most conservative fashions. The folkilization of critically minded European thinkers in such conservative fashions has much to do with the widespread intolerance for radical thought in American universities, national media, public culture, and in popular culture. Gunnar Myrdal, fought vigorously against claims that Afro-Americans had unique cultures and ethnicities. Especially, Frazier resisted the unique Afro-American culture claim. Frazier (1932) argued that just like during the pre-World War I Social Darwinism years, inter-world war racists still viewed Afro-American culture as evidence of the biological inferiority of Afro-Americans.