Allan Schore is a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist and has been working since 1971 in private practice as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist. He is member of a number of psychological, neuroscientific and psychoanalytic associations. All book reviewers emphasized Schore’s detailed and complex elaboration of his central theses that it is the mother-infant dyadic system which regulates the infant’s psychobiological states and that interactive affect regulating events act as a mechanism for the social constructions of the human brain. Schore also emphasized that both John Bowlby’s attachment theory and Heinz Kohut’s analytic self-psychology have contributed to this crucial paradigm shift in psychoanalysis. Martha Stark observes that Schore is highlighting a structural and functional difference between the two hemispheres and is appreciating their complex interdependence, complementarity, and synergy. To summarize the book reviewers, amongst many others, the description of Schore as an unusual and creative scientist has been made repeatedly.