Thirteen essays on assessing the status and definition of “rock” in contemporary culture, particularly in light of the deconstruction of the mythic opposition between authenticity and commercialism. Contents: Introduction/Roger Beebe, Denise Fulbrook, and Ben Saunders— I. Discourses/Histories. Reflections of a Disappointed Popular Music Scholar/Lawrence Grossberg—Elvis Everywhere: Musicology and Popular Music Studies at the Twilight of the Canon/Robert Fink—“Think About What You’re Trying to Do to Me”: Rock Historiography and the Construction of a Race-Based Dialectic/John J. Sheinbaum (A230)—Hijacked Hits and Antic Authenticity: Cover Songs, Race, and Postwar Marketing/Michael Coyle— II. New Spaces /New Maps. Why Isn’t Country Music “Youth” Culture?/Trent Hill—Just a Girl? Rock Music, Feminism, and the Cultural Construction of Female Youth/Gayle Wald—Satellite Rhythms: Channel V, Asian Music Videos, and Transnational Gender/Lisa Parks—The “Feminization” of Rock/Tony Grajeda—Rock’s Reconquista /Josh Kun— III. Desires/Affects. A Fan’s Notes: Identification, Desire, and the Haunted Sound Barrier/R.J. Warren Zanes—Mourning Becomes …? Kurt Cobain, Tupac Shakur, and the “Waning of Affect”/Roger Beebe—D.C. Punk and the Production of Authenticity/Jason Middleton—Queen Theory: Notes on the Pet Shop Boys/Ian Balfour.