Thackeray’S literary work has so overshadowed his drawings that I have no doubt the great majority of his readers are unaware of the amount of time he devoted to the pencil—the number of caricatures, and vignettes, and initials, and tailpieces, he sketched; and have not paused to remember that he stands almost alone as a great author who has illustrated his own books. Many have forgotten, if they ever knew, that he produced the designs on copper and steel and wood for the Paris Sketch Book, Comic Tales and Sketches (excepting The Fatal Boots, which is illustrated by Cruikshank), The Great Hoggarty Diamond, The Irish Sketch-Book, From Cornhill to Grand Cairo, Vanity Fair, Mrs. Perkins’s Ball, Our Street, Pendennis, Dr. Birch and his Young Friends, The Kickleburys on the Rhine, The Bose and the Ring, The Virginians, Lovel the Widower, and the Roundabout Papers; and that he contributed nearly four hundred drawings to Punch.