The Nidhe Israel mikveh is one of the oldest and arguably the most beautiful of the numerous ritual baths built by Jews in early America. Like most early American ritual baths, the Nidhe Israel mikveh was located in the synagogue complex, signifying its centrality to early Jewish American life. Marriage contracts are an important part of Jewish life and exemplify the continuity of religious practice between Europe and early America. Carigal was the most educated and important Rabbi to lead Congregation Nidhe Israel in Barbados. Mordecai Sheftall was the son of Benjamin and Perla Sheftall, who were among the original Jewish settlers to have come to Savannah. The name Shabbetai sometimes designates someone who was born on the sabbath. Following the rise of the false messiah Shabbetai Zevi, the name took on messianic connotations. Rachel Polak tragically died within a year of her marriage to fellow 'High German' Jew David de Vries.