This change in preferred, or perhaps even allowed, clitic placement in future formations is

claimed to be the surface result of a deeper change, the loss of the rule of Clause Union from the

generation of the future formation. Clause Union is the rule by which an underlying two-clause

structure is reduced to a single clause, with the nominals governed by the verb of the lower clause,

i.e. subject, direct object, etc., becoming governed by the verb of the higher clause.l/A Given

certain assumptions to be discussed subsequently concerning clitic attachment in general, the

attachment of clitic pronouns onto the/o: in the the/o: grapsein future can be taken to be a

consequence of the application of Clause Union. Furthermore, the change in attachment of these

clitics can be viewed as a consequence of the loss of Clause Union from the production of the

future. In a later chapter, Chapter 9, the reasons why Clause Union should have been lost in the

formation of the future are discussed.