Learning emotion-focused therapy (EFT) requires a lot of effort, as it is a very complex therapy. Therapists need to have both general mental health training and general psychotherapy training. The International Society for Emotion-focused Therapy (ISEFT) was formed to support the rapidly expanding, international EFT community. EFT is a generalist approach to therapy which does not vary its work according to two diagnostic categories. This chapter acknowledges the complexity of EFT as a therapy and recognizes the demands it makes of EFT trainees. It describes the activities of the ISEFT, and delineates the thorough training standards set out by the ISEFT. The chapter looks at general therapeutic advantages conferred upon the practitioner as a result of training in this modality, and it cautions against over-hasty attempts at integration or assimilation. It presents a coherent and comprehensive therapy manual for working with GAD that contains case conceptualization tools, relational pointers, and specific therapeutic skills.