This chapter presents the plural expression "Mediterranean Crises" depicts a series of crises that have been happening since the end of the Cold War as consequences of forced movements that conflicts and instabilities produced across the vast Mediterranean region. Despite the fact that persons fleeing war places can certainly claim the status of refugees, in FRONTEX 2016 Risk Report migration flows originating from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are strikingly illustrated and consequently counted in a map named "Main nationalities of illegal border-crossers". The reasons behind the securitization of migration are linked to: policies and practices that public and private non-state actors establish; the terminologies they use; the symbols that these detentions centres represent; and the consequent perceptions that societies form out of these situations. The fact that the hardening of border policies has not reduced the numbers of migrants in undocumented or irregular status but instead has raised their figures, could reinforce the argument of the "Governmentality of the Unease".