The required rate of evaporation of the getter depends on the gas load and the required degree of evacuation. The evaporation rate of a getter is influenced not only by the temperature, but also by the composition and molecular concentration of the gases being evacuated. The power supply, control unit, and timer assign the working cycle and provide for regulation of the rate and total time of evaporation. The best results are provided by direct measurements of the rate of evaporation of the getter atoms. The main functional element of getter pumps and getter-ion pumps (GIP) with thermal deposition of the getter films is the evaporator. The surfaces are divided into zones in such a manner that the requirement for uniform distributions would, in fact, be fulfilled in a certain approximation. In evaporation GIP’s the evaporation of the getter and the sorption of active gases by the deposited film is accompanied by the simultaneous ionization of the gaseous molecules.