Modern sputter-ion pumps (SIP) have a standardized design. The electrode systems are placed in narrow spaces within a welded box-like housing of rectangular or square cross section. Special pumps which operate in broader ranges of physical parameters are designed with the aid of the relations for built-in sputter-ion elements in accelerators and storage rings with an integrated vacuum system. In a triode pump, as in a pump with a comb cathode, a considerable portion of the ions impinge on the surface at small glancing angles, causing intense sputtering of the getter material. A layer of a p-active nuclide is deposited on the external side of one of the cathode plates. Grids made from the cathode material are placed on the inner surfaces of the anodes. The efficiency of pumping systems based on SIP’s can be increased appreciably by employing combined getter-ion pumps. Interesting possibilities are provided by combined pumps based on plasma sources of getter films.