The examination of impasses of the future and a search for ways of activating temporal political imaginations move into an exploration of logistic landscapes. The blandness and technicity of logistic parks, specifically in the Midlands (UK), are examined as prototypes of capitalist techno-futures, and at the same time, zones of futurelessness. The discrepancy between logistics being central to contemporary social life, yet usually ignored in everyday life and unacknowledged in sociocultural importance is key. From this gap, various other rifts and dynamics around legibility and invisibility are mapped, and with them, the eeriness and unusual temporal currents of these spaces are investigated. This chapter, following a stage-setting of terms, is comprised of a series of vignettes exploring spatial–temporal composition of sites. It experiments with Frederic Jameson’s idea of cognitive mapping. While encompassing concrete details, the task is not to realistically reflect these spaces, but rather, to work from a border between a here-and-now real and a stratum of abstractions, uncertainties and imaginaries. The chapter further develops the concept of eeriness and explores the opacity of logistic environments connected to an emergent form of power in Mark Andrejevic’s writing on automation.