This chapter threads together ideas about the precondition of the future—eerie temporality and possibility—in an exploration of the abandoned yet suspended town of Kitsault. Kitsault was a mining town built in the late 1970s and was deserted shortly after construction, yet has been maintained even since; thus it is suspended from either falling into decay or becoming a living community. This chapter uses this frozen zone as a cypher to produce theses and thought experiments on issues around the impasses of future and temporal imaginations. Its anomalous temporality and inherent heterochronic composition offer a melding of lines of enquiry and speculation from the boredom and logistics chapters. Kitsault is seen as a crystallisation of capitalist temporality through a containment within an inscrutable present; and also as a figure to explore re-temporalisations and a heuristic for political imaginations. Kitsault serves as a locus for speculation around the end of the extractivist society or a redoubling of it. It functions as a temporal portal to various times and as a ground to fabulate other temporal horizons.