Multimethodology in series tool is a complement to the Multimethodology in Parallel Tool. While the Multimethodology in Parallel Tool is specifically suited to temporal complexity, this tool is designed to address directional complexity. In directionally complex projects the complexity is often a result of a lack of clear definition of the goals, objectives or purpose of a project. Problem-structuring and problem-solving methodologies have considerably different practical emphases. Using problem-structuring methodologies, while keeping the positivist emphases, will limit the effectiveness of the problem-structuring methodologies in this tool. So, this multimethodology in series tool involves using a problem-structuring approach to clarify contentious aspects of the project or programme, before traditional project or programme management techniques are used. Evaluation criteria for these kinds of methodologies are often best expressed qualitatively and assessed subjectively. Examples of approaches which may be suitable include Strategic Options Development and Analysis (SODA) and Soft Systems Methodology (SSM).