By other your lettres of the vith of may to our Counsell ye desyre to understand our full resolution for planting of people in Ulster. Wher in we cannot otherwise but generally confirme to yow our former determinacion: that is we doo ernestly meane the same and we covet nothing more in that behalf, then to heere certenly of the extirpation of Shane O'Neill .... And for the substance of the matter it hath ben never openid unto us in any particular sort, what nombre of people wil[be] requisite to replenishe those con treys. nor in what sort they were to be maynteyned. nor what our charge shulde be in the begining. nor how long it shulde contynue. nor what revenue shulde grow to us thereby. So as without furder explication of some particular devises to be propownded unto us and to our Crowne in respect of our great charges: We cannot presently make any particular answer. But this we think fitt to gyve eare to your devise, and to make yow the principall minister for the execution of the same for the furder-

IRISH COLONISATION SCHEMES, I 5 67-72 I I 9 ance wherof we think it good that ye do conferre with our servaunt [blank] Gilbert now presently there who as we here knowith the meaning of sundry Gentlemen of good accompt in his contrey that presently ar gyven to be at charges with our assent to levy good nombres of men to repayre thither to those north partes of Irlande, there to serve us, and to take the possession of some partes of Iandes there, to holde them yn some estate of Inheritance / and thereby to plant them selfes and their company being of thenglishe birth to contynue in habitacion there yelding to us both due obedience and resonable yerely revenue. Mter which conference had with him, in secret manner with regard had theryn to our least charge and most surety, We wold have yow to gyve us advertisement of your opinion f & for thexecution therof, or of so much as we shall allow we meane to commit the hole credit (as reason is) to your self.