The miss. having had private converations several times with the young men from Tahiti viz. Tuahine, Oito &c as also with Tahua and some others that attended School and native worship diligently, thought it proper to have a special meeting with them. The chief of Huahine Puru and his wife and son, and some others of the Huahine people came to attend regularly both the School and preaching, and some few of the Eimeo people shewed a disposition to learn, hear, and inquire. In the beginning of Jan 1814 the School and congregation had increased much, and the people in general appeared desirous of instruction. The end of Feb Meduaui or Teamo a principal chief of Matavai, came over to Papetoai to request the miss. to return thither saying it was not his desire only but that also of the Raatiras and the people.