The Revd Mr Fulton one of the clergymen in the Colony, accompanied the deputation to Govr Bligh, by whom they were politely and kindly received. On Feb 26th the Revd Mr Marsden arrived in the Colony and brought a letter from the Directors of the Miss Society dated July 31st 1809. The miss. also found in the Colony on their arrival two letters directed to them both from Mr Hardcastle. The miss. in the Colony were treated with kindness by their former friends, as also by the clergymen the Revd Messrs Marsden, Cowper and Fulton. Neither Mr Marsden nor the miss. received any news or material additional information by the arrival of Mr Bicknell. In consequence of the arrival of Br Bicknell and partner, with four other sisters, and the Revd Mr Marsden having addressed by letter, on the subject of re establishing the Mission.