The Chinchura or Dutch settlement is bounded on the north by Hugly, and on the south by Chandernagore; on the east it hath the river, and on the west lieth open to the country. The factory stands at the south end and is the residence of the Directore, who is the principal factor the Dutch have in Bengal, having under him several out factories, as those of Cassimbuzar, Dacca, Rogiomoall and Patna. The next remarkable is the Dutch repository to the westward of the factory, being a large square place inclosed with a brick wall, full of tombs in variety of forms, some large, others of a smaller magnitude, but mostly ruinate. The river is high navigable with the tide for ships of 6 or 700 tons burthen, they riding before the factory in 8 and 10 fathom water; it is seldom without Europe shipping, notwithstanding the effects they yearly export to Batavia.