There were differences between the member states as far as the launching of the new programming period was concerned. In some countries, such as Sweden, the selection of new local action group (LAG)s took place very early, and this procedure was completed before many other member states. In Germany, several LEADER+ practitioners from North-Western Niedersachsen formulated a draft position paper and demanded a transparent selection of LAGs, a reorientation in co-funding and international cooperation as well as simplified and transparent administrative procedures, including a clear legal relationship between decision-making and managing authorities. Finnish Employment and Economic Development Centres participated in developing the national development plan, and most LAGs had finalised their own programmes. For the programming period, the Commission aware of the challenges involved in covering large parts of Europe with LAGs that member states would put more effort into targeting support to key priorities. The key priorities in the community strategy guidelines for LEADER are endogenous development and governance.