In October 2014, ‘It Ain’t Europe Here’ became a hit song amid a growing wave of Jewish-Israeli emigration to Europe and the USA. Berlin became the symbol of young Israeli emigrants who left Israel after becoming fed up with the high cost of living and the ongoing political difficulties. This trend of emigration – or at least its discussion – became a prominent media story following the social protest in Israel during the summer of 2011, in which hundreds of thousands of Israelis went out to the streets to demonstrate against the high cost of living and other social-economic matters. In 2014, when an Israeli blogger who lived in Berlin advertised the relatively low German price of a popular dessert (called Milkey in Israel) that is also sold in Israel, another ‘wave’ of protests were sparked – though this time only on the internet and social media – again targeting the high cost of living in Israel. In 2014, things came to a lyrical climax when Israelis living in Berlin released a song titled Berlin Berlin, which encouraged their peers to leave the country to find easier, cheaper and more pleasant locations to live in.2