In this book, so far, from an integral relational perspective on the stories we are, research, enterprise and economy-wise: you have originally described your Call (Character and Community); established your Context (Authenticity and Activation); thereafter emancipating yourself through a ‘Mode 2’ Co-creation of science and society (Reflexive Self and Social Research), thereby institutionalizing innovation driven research within such. From a research perspective, moreover, relationally speaking, we have evolved from method toward methodology, on to critique and now action. The complete integral rhythm culminates now in participatory action research (PAR), which also leads to our ultimate contribution, through a form of relational education, fundamentally based on action research that is the more recently relational evolution of such (PAR). Such relational transformation, research-wise, as we shall soon see, is accompanied by the rhythmical enterprise (Chapter 12) and by economic well-being (Chapter 13), micro-enterprise and economy-WISE.