This chapter examines the misinformed leadership. Misinformed Leadership is where the leader is unaware of important information, skills, techniques or consequences, misunderstands their importance, or misunderstands how to use them. The potentially disastrous consequences of Misinformed Leadership were demonstrated by analysis and commentary on the parlous state of the financial markets. The people believe the Bank was in an impossible situation such that while it may have been slow to act, it was not entirely to blame. The Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) which was one of the first warnings that the financial system was becoming hard-wired with inappropriate processes and structures, and Nick Leeson and Barings Bank as it was the first to reveal the extent to which an individual could wreak havoc across the financial system and commit their organisation to ruinous transactions. If prices rise faster than the interest being paid, the borrowers are effectively getting free housing.