Machiavellian Leadership may follow from one of the other forms of MisLeadership in that the leader may recognise their failure but attempt to conceal it so as to avoid the personal consequences. This type of leadership could be about increasing the leader's own wealth, power, reputation, standing in the community, publication record, annual business results or shareholder value. At the national level, the contemporary mission becomes one of leaders integrating their own nation with all others in the world so that people can move toward a genuinely global approach. Milk powder marketing illustrates many of the issues in Machiavellian Leadership. Companies are making good profits out of a product they claim to be beneficial and within the law, while a charity with no obvious reason to undermine such a product is claiming foul play. Machiavellian Leadership is so commonplace that it is what many people initially assume people mean by the term MisLeadership.