This chapter explores how people's involvement in trade and access to markets are negotiated in terms of Andean notions of sociality and exchange. The merchant association of the Feria currently consists of about 1500 members, and collectively they own the land close to Mariscal Castilla where the market currently functions. Some of the merchandise offered at the Feria is brought by contrabandistas(smugglers) who regularly travel to Bolivia to bring back different goods, mainly electronic articles and industrial products of all kinds, such as soaps, cigarettes, clothes, technical artefacts, toys and sweets, as well as coca leaves and some agricultural products. Successful business people may provoke envy among colleagues, relatives or neighbours, however, and tempt them to direct brujera at such a trader through the services of a curandero. Work is regarded as an important characteristic of the moral person also among traders at the Feria.