This chapter illustrates that non-material injustices may be more powerful in influencing the political behaviour of the subalterns – qua resistance – than material injustices, even in their extreme forms that neoliberal capitalism wreaks on them. It conceptualises the subalterns, the social class as the potential agents of resistance to neoliberal capitalism. Neoliberal capitalism has pushed this imperative of accumulation to the extreme, taking it to a different new level; and with direst implications for the wellbeing of the subalterns; not only material terms, but social and ecological. If material injustices are what make the subalterns angry and provoke them to resist, neoliberal capitalism and its political ally, the neoliberal state, will figure clearly in their consciousness as the target of resistance against the injustices they wreak on them. Marx and classical Marxists believe the traditional working class are the right bearers of the socialist revolution against capitalism.