This chapter argues that it is through a cosmo-materialist lens that claims of a global movement or globalised resistance from 'below' against neoliberal globalisation, especially with the subalterns as active participants, can begin to make sense theoretically and empirically. The subalterns who are cosmopolitan in terms of their class consciousness and their organisational networks will rise their particularistic identity differences and mobilise around their cosmopolitan class identity to resist neoliberal capitalism. Neoliberal globalisation may be resisted by the subalterns because of its immoral, inhuman, and unjust nature and their real-life experiences with it. Scholars of the extant anti-neoliberalism literature explicitly and implicitly trace the source of consciousness and agency of the global movement against neoliberalism to some of the cosmopolitan ideals. The diversity of the 'alter-globalisation citizens' is one of the characteristics of the global anti-neoliberalism movement touted as something politically impressive and promising, as 'a source of strength'.